What is Jade Ceramic Coating?

Jade Ceramic Coating is a super-premium surface coating product that self-cleans, providing outstanding gloss, protection and durability. Covering the full spectrum Jade Ceramics can be applied to paint, gel coat, plastics, metal, fabric, even cement and wood.

Providing protection up to 4 years Jade Ceramics are what we say they are. Confirmed and independently tested by the globally recognized SGS Swiss Laboratories for 9H hardness, chemical impurity resistance, and Hydrophobic contact angles.

For the Ultimate in surface protection choose our ceramic coating services.


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Why To Use Jade Ceramic Coating?

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How does the coating work?

The active ingredients in Jade Ceramic Coatings are canalized by moisture in the atmosphere. The moisture begins a polymerization reaction to form a crystal lattice framework made of  tetrahedral arrangements of Silicon (Si) and Oxygen (O)

This crystal structure is very stable and does not participate in chemical reactions with salts, acids or alkalis.

The result is a low energy, smooth and hard film that protects the substrate beneath from all manner of chemical attack and physical abrasion.

What is 9H Hardness?

Hardness in the coating industry is the capacity of a given coated substrate to resist scratching or gouging.

When expressing the measurement of pencil hardness, we do so with a value scale that ranges from 9B to 9H. Typically, films like polyurethane and poly-carbonate will fall into the ranges of B - 4H. So by applying a ceramic coating you are increasing the hardness of the substrate several fold.

What is contact angle?

Contact angle is one of the common ways to measure the wettability of a substrate. Wetting to the study of how a liquid behaves on a substrate and it's ability to spread out or form boundary surfaces with solids.

Jade Ceramic Coatings can be expected to produce contact angles between 110 - 120 degrees.
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