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Premium Detail

Best suited for those who want their car to have the brand-new feeling again, or have just bought a car and want to freshen it up? Look no further than our Full Premium Detail Package. This comprehensive package includes our 21-stage wash and decontamination, Interior Detail, and machine polish. All of these services are seamlessly integrated into our Premium Detail Package, ensuring that your car receives the highest level of care and attention, bringing it back to life with a renewed and pristine appearance.

PREMIUM Detail Package

🚗 Medium/Compact  $350
🚙 SUV $450
🚚XL SUV / TRUCK $500
  • Snow foam pre-wash plus Luxury hand wash and Steam Detail
  • Rims, caliper and wheel fender deeo cleaned
  • Clay Bar treatment, remove contaminants from paint, insects, road tar rail dust and more containments that pollute and destroy, your vehicle
  • Dry with ultra-soft towels
  • Exterior window cleaned plus Rain-X exterior glass water repellent treatment that drastically improves visibility when driving during harsh weather conditions.
  • Professionally machine polish to enhance vehicles removing very light blemishes
  • Application rupes uno all -in-one polish and sealant remove light defects high-gloss protected, shine and color depth rich blend. Plus Americana Detail spray. 6 to 9 months protection.
  • UV protects trim, bumpers, moldings
  • Tire coating
  • Interior wipe down vacuum, carpet seat and trunk
  • Dashboard cleaned + protection UV
  • Cup holders, Door panels cleaned plus protection
  • Shampoo carpets and floor mats
  • Shampoo on fabric seats + Steam cleaned
  • Remove stains from seats and carpet
  • Leather seats will be cleaned and steamed cleaned sanitation plus
  • Premium leather conditioner
  • Upholstery headline cleaned
  • Every cleaned + sanitation with steam cleaned
  • Interior windows, mirror cleaned
  • OPTIONAL CUSTOMER PREFERENCE: Natural protection or shiny protection

*Optional: By polishing machine or hand polish wax.

XL SUV all vehicles that have three seat lines and large truck.


**This professional service takes about 1 hour to complete.

* If vehicle is extremely dirty and/or with pet hair will be charged from $30 to $125 extra.

* All our services are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

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