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Vehicle paint protection is essential for keeping your car’s exterior looking new for years to come. With various options available in the market, choosing the best vehicle paint protection can be a daunting task.

From traditional carnauba car wax to advanced paint protection film, vehicle owners across the Americas have many options to protect their paint jobs.

But what is the best vehicle paint protection solution on the market today?

The truth is – ranking the best of anything breaks down to how you define ‘best.’ Is it the best value? Does it offer the best protection? Or is there a package that offers the best of both worlds?

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the best paint protection for your vehicle.

Before we dive too deep – let’s introduce you to the world’s FIRST complete exterior protection package with a lifetime warranty documented on Carfax – The Ultimate Armor Package – exclusively offered through Extreme Detail.

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Understanding Vehicle Paint Protection

So, why is vehicle paint protection important in 2023? Well, for starters, today’s paint jobs could be better. The raw materials are cheaper, the installation of new paint and clear coat is designed for efficiency, and our vehicles are exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Not just that – but there are multiple ways to damage a modern paint job. The damage can come from various sources, such as UV rays, weather, road debris, and bird droppings.

While a coating, sealant, or other chemical substance can protect the paint from environmental damage, only paint protection film can free rock chips, minor scratches, and etching from factory paint jobs.

But here is the major problem with PPF – and there is no way of getting around this objection. It’s expensive to wrap your entire vehicle in paint protection film.

However, there is a workaround – that will protect the high-strike areas of your vehicle from road debris – while protecting everything else from environmental damage.

What are the Types of Vehicle Paint Protection?

As we head into 2023, vehicle owners can generally apply four types of products to protect their expensive factory or aftermarket paint jobs.

Natural Carnauba Wax

Wax is the traditional form of vehicle paint protection and has been used for many years. The original paint wax is derived from natural carnauba – or a palm tree originating in Brazil. It is applied by hand or a ‘buffer’ – and provides a thin layer of protection once it hardens on the surface.

Natural carnauba wax can hold up for a few months. Still, it needs to be removed, then reapplied for maximum effectiveness.

So, if you love physical labor and spending hours every few months detailing your car for minimal protection, natural carnauba wax or spray wax products are worth considering.

Paint Sealant & Spray Ceramic Coatings

Sealants are synthetic, lab-created versions of wax. Spray coatings provide a more durable form of protection compared to wax. It lasts longer (about six months) and provides a glossy finish that enhances the vehicle’s appearance.

However, like wax, you must remove the old sealants (which often require harsh chemicals or polishing). This requires some skill and can possibly damage your paint jobs (if you remove too much material).

Nano Ceramic Coating

A professional nano ceramic coating is the most advanced liquid polymer vehicle paint protection form. It forms a hard, durable layer on the paint’s surface, providing long-lasting protection against damage.

Professional coatings – like Ceramic Pro 9H and Top Coat are installed by experienced detailers in a controlled environment. Pro coatings keep the paint surface cleaner and can help reduce water spots. However, mineral deposits can dry on a coating, which creates the spot.

Plus, ceramic coatings are not resistant to swirl marks. So, it’s important to use microfiber towels to wash and dry with two bucket car washes. The coating will protect the automotive paint, but the coating will become scratched. So, it will appear the paint is scratched as well.

Coatings can also protect against chemical etch marks. Harmful chemicals or strong pH liquids can quickly scar or damage the clear coating of paint. The coating provides a protective barrier – meaning the chemical composition of the substance needs to penetrate the coating first before it damages the layers of paint.

A new, revolutionary coating called an ION Coating – Ceramic Pro introduced at the 2022 SEMA Show – is twice as strong as traditional coatings and uses fewer natural resources.

Paint Protection Film

PPF, or paint protection film, is the ultimate product for auto paint protection of all paint protection options. It’s a thin, thermoplastic urethane protective film with elastomeric polymers applied to the painted surface by an experienced and professionally trained technician.

It bonds to the surface and deflects road debris as it strikes your bumper, hood, front fenders, side view mirrors, and door pillars. It’s common for most vehicle owners to have PPF installed on these high-strike sections – or what the industry calls a complete front PPF installation package.

You can install this material on all painted surfaces, but it’s a bit overkill – as your car’s rear and mid sections are not often prone to road debris.

Explaining the Benefits of Vehicle Paint Protection

At this point, you’re probably wondering why investing in vehicle paint protection is beneficial in the first place. There are several benefits to installing or using some protection products on your factory paint jobs in 2023.

Benefit #1 – Protects Against Damage from Weather, Road Debris, and Bird Droppings

Every day, your vehicle is exposed to natural elements, situations, or contaminants that can impact the quality and condition of the paint. These include bird droppings, bug splatters, tree sap, pollen, road grime, salt water, and even industrial fallout or brake dust.

Whether you use car wax, a synthetic sealant, ceramic coating, or paint protection film, all four can provide protection against these natural elements.

Benefit #2 – Resists Fading and Discoloration Caused by UV Rays

Did you know that the sun is the leading cause of premature paint wear and tear? Specifically, the UV rays that are emitted by the sun.

The sun produces two types of radiation – ultraviolet (which causes damage – such as sunburn and materials to fade) and infrared (which creates heat). As your vehicle sits outside, UV radiation constantly bombards your vehicle.

Eventually, all exterior surface materials – including trim, plastic pieces, textiles, and clear coats begin to degrade. This is what causes fading and discoloration.

All four protection products mentioned above can block 99.9 percent of UV damage.

Benefit #3 – Maintain the Appearance and Value of your Vehicle

Obviously, if you can resist the natural contaminants and elements from damaging the original factory paintjobs, the value and appearance of your vehicle will be increased.

However, of all the products used to keep a vehicle in excellent condition, only paint protection film can block road debris, small rocks, gravel, sticks, and other complex substances. While ceramic coatings are robust, they’re not powerful enough to stop those materials from scratching the paint.

The logical question then becomes – what product would you install in combination with PPF to create a full vehicle protection kit?

Well – the answer is – the best ceramic coating. And that package is called Ultimate Armor.

Choosing the Best Vehicle Paint Protection – Why Ultimate Armor

When shopping for the best vehicle paint protection solution, there are three primary considerations to factor in.

First – Consider Your Climate

Climate is an essential factor to consider when choosing paint protection. If you live in a warm, sunny climate, you’ll need a product that provides protection against UV rays. However, if you live in an area that is cold and gets a lot of snow, you’ll need protection against road salt.

While PPF can protect your surface from both – unprotected paint protection film can cause road grime and salt to stick to the film. However, those contaminants are less likely to stick if you use a ceramic-coated paint protection film.

Ceramic coated PPF will help provide an additional protective layer to the film. It helps reduce acidic contaminants caused by bird droppings, bug splatter, and tree sap. Plus, the ceramic top coat improves hydrophobic properties.

This makes the PPF easier to clean, improves shine, depth, and gloss – and provides superior protective properties vs vinyl wraps. Plus, the addition of ceramic coating provides additional protection against UV rays.

Second – Evaluate the Level of Protection

Consider the level of protection you need for your vehicle. If you live in a high-traffic area or frequently drive on roads with a lot of debris, you’ll need a product that provides a higher level of protection against road debris. PPF installed on the front end of your vehicle offers the best value by far.

However, you’ll want to protect the remainder of your exterior with a professional-grade ceramic coating to protect materials from those other natural and environmental toxins.

Third – Make Sure It Enhances Your Appearance

If you spend money on protection – you should also ensure the product can improve the shine, depth, and gloss. Ceramic coatings amplify the condition of the painted surface it protects.

This is because ceramic coatings are essentially flexible yet hard layers of glass. This reflects the sun’s rays – but also increases the depth of the paint. However, if coatings are applied on top of faded or scratched paint, it will also amplify the damage.

It is crucial to complete paint correction before investing in professional coatings or paint protection films.

Our Recommendation – The Ultimate Armor Package

After considering all the factors above, we recommend combining ceramic coating and paint protection film for the best vehicle paint protection in 2023. Ceramic coating provides durable, long-lasting protection against damage and enhances the vehicle’s appearance. However, it won’t protect your paint against road debris.

Installing paint protection film on those high-strike areas of your vehicle will keep rock chips, major scratches, and paint damage from occurring.

This type of installation is possible with Ceramic Pro’s Ultimate Armor Package. It’s exclusively offered by Elite Dealers or a carefully selected group of professional auto salons that only install the highest quality coatings and films.

Ultimate Armor is the world’s first full exterior complete automotive protection package guaranteed for the vehicle’s lifetime. It combines Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro’s iconic ceramic coatings.

PPF is custom installed on the high-strike areas of your vehicle. This includes the front body panel, rocker panels, hood, bumper, side mirrors, door pillars, and fenders. At the same time, the remainder of the painted surface, trim parts, glass, and wheel covers are protected by lifetime ceramic coating packages.

At the end of the ceramic coating and paint protection film installation, your entire exterior will be a protected hydrophobic surface, which makes it easier to clean your vehicle.

The warranty is attached to your VIN and documented on your vehicle’s Carfax Service History Report.

If you’re looking for the best value without compromising quality with your vehicle paint protection in 2023, the Ultimate Armor Package is for you. To find an Elite Dealer near you, and to request a FREE QUOTE for an Ultimate Armor Package for your vehicle, click the button below.

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