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Unlock Brilliance: Experience Ceramic Pro’s SILVER PACKAGE with a 5-Year Warranty

Embark on a journey of unparalleled protection and enduring gloss with our Ceramic Pro Silver Package, fortified by a 5-year warranty. Tailored for medium/compact vehicles at $1,600 and SUV/trucks at $1,800, this package guarantees exceptional surface care, standing resilient against the toughest elements.

Immerse your vehicle in superior hydrophobic properties and a lasting brilliance. The Ceramic Pro Silver coating package includes:

– Paintwork & Trim: 2 layers of 9H hardness for ultimate protection.
– Paintwork & Trim: 1 layer of Light coating for an additional gloss effect.
– Wheels: 1 layer for both the wheels and calipers, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
– Windshield: 2 layers of Rain coating for enhanced visibility.

Choose excellence and anticipate a driving experience that defies the elements with Ceramic Pro’s SILVER PACKAGE. Elevate your vehicle’s allure and drive confidently into the future of surface protection.

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