Extreme Detail


Exotic Wash (Exterior Only)

Price Varies 90 minutes

  • SUV  $75.00
  • XL SUV/TRUCK $95.00

Service Description

Exotic Brilliance Unleashed: Dive into Luxury with Our Exotic Wash Exterior Only!

Elevate your exterior with our Exotic Wash Exterior Only:

  • Snow foam pre-wash plus luxury hand wash
  • Drying with ultra -soft towels, Rims, caliper and wheel fender cleaned, tire shine
  • Exterior window and mirror
  • UV protects trim, bumpers molding
  • Americana detail spray sealant up to 1 month’s protection safe on all coating, vinyl and PPF

* If vehicle is extremely dirty and/or with pet hair will be charged from $30 to $125 extra.

* All our services are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

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