Extreme Detail


From $350 8 hours

(3 TO 8 HOURS)

*Recommended for “new cars or cars with near perfect paintwork only” many new cars require more paint polishing than the customer may realize.

Service Description

Title: Unleash Brilliance with Light Correction Detailing

Reveal your vehicle’s radiance through Light Correction detailing. Prices start at $350.00 for Medium/Compact, $450.00 for SUVs, and $550.00 for XL-SUVs/Trucks. In just 3 to 8 hours*, our process begins with a luxurious foam wash, followed by a steam hand wash and dry. Our experts use a clay bar to eliminate contaminants, ensuring a flawless canvas. We remove paint imperfections, deep clean rims, calipers, and wheel fenders, enhancing visibility with glass polish. Protect plastic trim and moldings from UV damage, and achieve a high-gloss finish with our one-step ultra-finishing polish. Ideal for light marring, our service concludes with a spray sealant, leaving your vehicle with a show car finish. Illuminate your ride with Light Correction detailing – your vehicle deserves it.

(*Note: Duration may vary based on vehicle size and condition.)

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