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Premium Detail (Exterior Only) – GIFT CARD


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  • MEDIUM/COMPAC $ 175.00
  • SUV $ 247.00
  • XL-SUV / TRUCK $287.00

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  • Luxury exterior wash
  • Snow foam pre-wash + steam cleaned
  • Removes contaminants from paint (insects, road tar, and more) + clay bar treatment
  • Clay Bar Treatment (is the process of using a clay bar to remove contaminants from the surface of your car, common containments that slowly pollute and destroy your vehicle include things like rail dust, barake dust, and industrial faults. These contaminants can penetrate through paint, glass and metal and / or those components.
  • Even after multiple car washes and polishes, plus a premium carnauba wax polish, new car glaze, and select high-gloss spray optic hybrids, sealing rims, and shiny rims)
  • Rims and tire shiny
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