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  • MEDIUM/COMPACT $350.00
  • SUV $450.00
  • XL SUV/TRUCK $500.00

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  • Snow foam pre-wash plus Luxury hand wash and Steam Detail
  • Rims, caliper and wheel fender deeo cleaned
  • Clay Bar treatment, remove contaminants from paint, insects, road tar rail dust and more containments that pollute and destroy, your vehicle
  • Dry with ultra-soft towels
  • Exterior window cleaned plus Rain-X exterior glass water repellent treatment that drastically improves visibility when driving during harsh weather conditions.
  • Professionally machine polish to enhance vehicles removing very light blemishes
  • Application rupes uno all -in-one polish and sealant remove light defects high-gloss protected, shine and color depth rich blend. Plus Americana Detail spray. 6 to 9 months protection.
  • UV protects trim, bumpers, moldings
  • Tire coating
  • Interior wipe down vacuum, carpet seat and trunk
  • Dashboard cleaned + protection UV
  • Cup holders, Door panels cleaned plus protection
  • Shampoo carpets and floor mats
  • Shampoo on fabric seats + Steam cleaned
  • Remove stains from seats and carpet
  • Leather seats will be cleaned and steamed cleaned sanitation plus
  • Premium leather conditioner
  • Upholstery headline cleaned
  • Every cleaned + sanitation with steam cleaned
  • Interior windows, mirror cleaned
  • OPTIONAL CUSTOMER PREFERENCE: Natural protection or shiny protection

*Optional: By polishing machine or hand polish wax.

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