Window Tint

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Window Tint

Smart and stylish, in shades from misty fog to celebrity charcoal.

Do you imagine yourself gliding down the road like a spy, disguised by sophisticated cover? Or do you simply want a charcoal to match your factory privacy glass? With our polarized film, you’re free to dream up a look that will transform your car from ordinary to envy inspiring. Our polarized film is definitely high on style and protects the glass of your car. Still, it’s a smart buy that’s worthy of your auto investment. Every shade can turn heads, resist scratches, reduce annoying glare, and block 99 percent of UV rays. It´s a premium film that’s extruded into a micro-thin sheet, then coated with a second UV blocker and adhesive. Other films have dye applied only to the surface, making them less durable and likely to discolor.

  • From $ 350 to $ 1700.00
  • *How long this service will take is determined after evaluating the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • T : Thickness
  • VLT : Visible Light Transmittance
  • VLR : Visible Light Reflectance
  • SET : Solar Energy Transmittance
  • SER : Solar Energy Reflectance
  • SEA : Solar Energy Absorbance
  • UVT : Ultra Violet Transmittance
  • GR : Glare Reduction
  • SC : Shading Coefficient
  • E : Emissivity
  • UF : U Factor (BTU /HR./SQ.FT.)
  • TSER : Total Solar Energy Rejection