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Ceramic Pro (GOLD PACKAGE)

From $2000 60 minutes


Service Description

Revel in Opulence: Unveiling Ceramic Pro’s GOLD PACKAGE Brilliance

Unveil the pinnacle of automotive luxury with our Ceramic Pro Gold Package—an unrivaled and premium ceramic coating experience. This extraordinary package introduces a cutting-edge formula that guarantees unparalleled hardness, creating an exceptional gloss reminiscent of diamonds.

Immerse your vehicle in ultimate protection with 4 layers of 9H hardness on both paintwork and trim, ensuring a shield that stands the test of time. Enhance the aesthetic allure with an additional layer of Light coating, delivering an extra gloss effect that radiates brilliance. Comprehensive coverage extends to your wheels and calipers, receiving a dedicated layer for thorough safeguarding.

Moreover, prioritize safety and visibility with 2 layers of Rain coating on the windshield, ensuring optimal performance during adverse weather conditions. Elevate your driving experience with the enduring brilliance and longevity of our Ceramic Pro Gold Package, the epitome of automotive surface care. Choose excellence, choose Ceramic Pro’s GOLD PACKAGE for unmatched protection and lasting allure.

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